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Development of a new space telescope for multispectral Earth observation to be integrated and operated in a constellation nanosatellites.

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Aistech Space is a company in the space sector whose objective is to provide valuable information through data captured from the entire surface of the Earth through its own constellation of satellites, with the aim of helping organizations, companies, and entities to increase their knowledge and improve your decision making. Aistech’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life on the planet.

Through this project Aistech Space has three main objectives:

  • Integrate, launch, put into orbit, and operate a 6-unit Nanosatellite; with an integrated multispectral camera that allows obtaining images of the Earth.
  •  Design, develop and implement a multispectral camera that will be integrated into a 6-unit Nanosatellite. That allows the acquisition of images simultaneously in the ranges: visible and near-infrared (0.4um – 1.0um), middle infrared (3.0um – 5.0um). ) and thermal (8.0um – 12.0um).
  • Generate valuable information from the obtaining, treatment, and analysis of the images obtained with different spectral content.

This project is carried out at the Aistech Space Vigo offices, it has a budget of 614,248.00€.

This project is a CDTI and FEDER co-financing

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Paulina Arteche

Paulina Arteche