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Aistech Space and Lunar Station Corporation Announce
Strategic Partnership to Share Complementary
Geospatial Capabilities

Aistech and Lunar Station are thrilled to jointly announce their partnership.

29 April 2022 – Aistech Space S.L. (Aistech), a space technology company that provides high-resolution multi-spectral imagery including thermal infrared with high frequency, and Lunar Station Corporation (Lunar Station), a lunar geospatial intelligence company that provides lunar environmental intelligence to organizations planning and executing missions on the Moon, are thrilled to jointly announce their partnership. 

“Our complementary capabilities bring the highest value to our clients looking for new ways to operate here on Earth and on the Moon.  We are extremely proud to be part of Aistech’s long term strategy while engaging with their short-term achievements,” said Blair DeWitt, CEO of Lunar Station.

“We are building our solutions in Low Earth Orbit now, but ultimately we need to grow beyond Earth, and the Moon is the best place to start that process.  Having Lunar Station as a partner is an important step toward that,” said Carles Franquesa, co-founder of Aistech Space. “We aim to provide disruptive solutions to build sustainable growth on Earth and beyond.”

Through the partnership, Lunar Station will be able to leverage Aistech’s high-resolution multi-spectral imagery to enhance its MoonHacker™ analytical models for lunar geospatial intelligence with new remote sensing data, and assist Aistech’s data validation process after the scheduled launch of its first thermal-enabled satellite in May 2022.  Aistech will also gain advanced knowledge of requirements related to operating on the Moon that will help the company build and deploy relevant sensor platforms much more efficiently in the future.

About Aistech Space:

Aistech Space is a global space technology company that combines its expertise in geospatial analysis with its own constellation of small satellites and supporting infrastructure to provide solutions that help clients manage their assets and monitor environmental threats. Aistech is scheduled to launch one of the first commercial constellations capable of taking high-resolution thermal images on demand this year with SpaceX. 

This imagery will provide critical information to organizations around the world for mitigating large-scale environmental threats, such as forest fires, water waste, and pollution. Aistech provides a new perspective of Earth’s changing resources and tackles critical threats to people and the environment to build a better, more sustainable future for the next generation.

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About Lunar Station

Lunar Station provides clear answers to complex questions about the Lunar environment related to mission designing, operational preparedness, and situational awareness.  Their clients experience the most comprehensive suite of new Lunar intelligence by accessing through the internet the MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform. Organizations, public and private, have the easiest, most advanced, and scalable access to the best insights about the Moon than has ever been. For remote sensor teams targeting the Moon, the MoonHacker™ Partner Program allows you to easily distribute your data to our global audience. Since 2016, Lunar Station Corporation (an MIT Start-up) has been creating and expanding their MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform in the offices located in Cambridge, MA.

About MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform     

The MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive Lunar environmental intelligence by completely characterizing terrain, power, minerals, communications, weather and many more criteria for any location on the Lunar surface for any point in time.   MoonHacker™ can also provide highly detailed pathing analyses for cross terrain navigation with route optimization for each type of transportation element a client will use on the Moon.  

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