Infrared Photo (Part I)

We are familiar with night vision artifacts and everyday you can see daily images of the Earth’s surface with colored areas that indicate the different temperatures, thanks to the tv shows and the movies.

These examples of the technological advances that we enjoy today are possible thanks to the capture of a type of radiation that the human eye can not see.  Allowing us to perceive things that are manifested in radiations that occur in the “infrared” and that in normal situations we don’t perceive.

Our surrounding world daily is filled with objects we can see. This is an everyday fact that does not seem to be explained. However, many scholars have analyzed it. On the other hand we know that, there are technological advances that bring us benefits without us being able to see its cause. We can watch TV, an SMS, the steam of a liquid heated in the microwave and, of course, we do not see the waves of the TV, nor those that make the mobile work, nor the microwaves that heat what is placed in that oven .

So, starting from the beginning, we can say that all this can be explained from the “radiant energy”; which is always in our environment, even if we do not see it.
This is a type of energy that can travel through space – does not require physical contact or intermediate air – and is manifested by interacting with electric and magnetic fields in a waveform, with varying intensity from a maximum that decreases gradually to a minimum. In short-term they are called “rays” or waves.

To understand this perhaps starting with the radio waves is the most appropriate.
The station broadcast waves that travel through space to the antenna of our receiver. Which picks up that signal and transforms it into the sound vibration that our ears perceive.
Something similar happens with the television, although here the vision already appears. The eyes, capture the light because it interacts with them, causing them to generate electrical impulses that are carried by the optic nerve to our brain, where it is processed.
The curious thing is that all these electromagnetic radiations, rays or waves are of the same nature, although with characteristics different from the wave with which they propagate. (Length of the same and frequency or pulsations per second)
All of them are known as the “electromagnetic spectrum” covering – to a greater or lesser extent – gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, radar and The radio, as shown in the following figure:

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