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The new thing in technology at the moment happens to be CubeSat’s. If you’re unsure what that is, then again, keep reading because we’re here to tell you about these miniature satellites and how you can benefit from their existence. To sum it up, a CubeSat is a lot like what it sounds like, a mini satellite that is used to do research in space. In most cases when you hear about people being in a space station, these are usually the people responsible for launching them.

They were made in the late nineties with teams from two different colleges, Stanford and California Polytechnic State University. They wanted to develop this tiny satellite that would be capable of orbiting closer to earth and functioning in an important manner that would allow them to gather special and important information, allow specific types of research and so forth. Around 2013 a lot of that changed however, when these launches stopped being for educational reasons and became more commercialized. It seems that by 2014 we started seeing both small and large companies getting their hands on CubeSat’s to benefit from their use in ways they saw fit.

In most cases, the CubeSat served a bigger purpose for its small design, and it was that small design that made it possible. The use of them became for things such as experiments on a smaller level (no pun intended) which could be utilized by earth observations or amateur radio. They’ve also been used to show off spacecraft technology as well as proving why there so much more cost efficient for their job then the predecessors of larger satellites, which are extremely costly. These tiny satellites are even being used for biological research being sent out to other planets among other things. They’ve started playing such a large role in space experimentation as well as research and it’s been said that there is so much more of that planned ahead for the future.

These CubeSat’s are perfect for a lot of reasons and important in a lot of significant ways. They’re opening up doorways for us to do things that we couldn’t do with other technology that was made readily available and despite their small size, they’re able to do more too. Despite the size of a CubeSat there is a lot at work that allows them to function as they do including propelling systems, software, both chemical and electric propellers are a part of their systems, cold gas thrusters and the list goes on. Even with all this technology that is used to build this small cube, it’s still cheaper than a large satellite. They function a bit differently and in some cases even though they tumble around in space, it’s that tumbling ability that can actually cause them to function towards whatever job they were placed in orbit to do anyway.

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