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At Aistech our main purpose is to get valuable information from Earth using our own nanosatellite network. In order to help organisations to improve their decision-making process, we focus on three different business areas:

Bidirectional Communication for Asset Tracking

Space Imaging

Aviation tracking and surveillance

We will have 100 satellites orbiting Earth by 2022, starting in 2018 with our first launch. We are working together with the most important research centres involved in space technologies, which are collaborating with the company in the R&D process. Our mission is to work very close with our customers, offering significant and customised, real-time information according to their needs.

Orbit with us

We strongly believe in our people and their passion for doing things in a different way. A day at Aistech is exciting because passion moves us; passion is our engine for developing our company and ideas. We fly away from routine and “Idea Killers”, leaving space for everyone in the team to reach their professional objectives. We aim to create a project that people enjoy every day, a place in which every team member looks forward to returning next Monday. It is essential for us to create strong human relationships by working in an international environment. Continuous improvement influences us in every step we take; learning from our mistakes is a must. We are committed to create value for our customers and for society, making information gathered in space reachable for anyone who needs it.


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